If you weren't you, then we'd all be

A bit less we

– Piglet, Winnie and the Pooh

If you’re anything like us, you may also have an interest in yoga for more than just the physical practice. It’s the community and the lifestyle that called us to this ancient practice – the community that it promises, but sadly doesn’t always provide. That is why we started Yogi Soul.

Yogi Soul is an intimate space with limited capacity for a reason. As teachers, we want to know all of you by name and we want you all to feel seen and safe and give you the personal attention you need and deserve. We want to have a space where you can bond with each other without feeling overwhelmed by 50 perfect yogis around you (whatever that even means). We want you to feel safe to bring your sweat, tears, laughter, heartbreak, victories, goals and all the nuances of life to your mat and celebrate and grow with us. Yoga means ‘union’. First of course with yourself, but also with those around you. And union, in our opinion, happens when we yoga and live from our soul.

We’re situated in Bo Kaap, right next to Buitegracht Street. Yogi Soul is for those that want to marry the modern world with the inner world. As we enjoy the depth of meditation we hear the gentle white noise of modern day traffic outside, being within a stone throw’s distance from the buzz of city life and quite probably your home too. Union, as mentioned, is the goal of yoga. We’re not disconnecting from modern life, we’re embracing it and working on taking our “full selves”; our empowered, authentic selves into our daily lives.

A message from Sam, the founder:

Country boy comes to the city, parties like a rockstar, burns out and finally finds yoga (amongst other spiritual practices). That’s me in a nutshell. Not very original, I know, but what can you do. 
In 2013 after two years of drug addiction, my parents allowed me to come back home and that is where I found yoga in my home town, Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Looking back, I can now see what a big part yoga (as a practice and a community) has meant for my sobriety. In my heart I know yoga, in combination with my new found spiritual practice, was a shining beacon for me as I made my way out of a dark stormy time. 
Three years after falling in love with the practice I finally finished my 200hr Teacher Training Diploma in 2016 at The Wellness Connection in Hout Bay, South Africa. I was very fortunate to walk straight into a teaching job at Virgin Active where I taught for two years. Thereafter I joined the team at HotPod Yoga Cape Town. Furthermore I took over the Cape Men’s Yoga group in 2018 (a nude men’s yoga group in Cape Town) and started another men’s group called Adam Yoga. Both these have since evolved and meshed with Yogi Soul from where I teach all my personal classes. I’ve presented workshops for dancers (which is what I originally studied), nude retreats for men, acro yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga and lately also online yoga.
I am so grateful to have this wonderful space to connect with all my students and I hope you come and practice with us too!



Teacher Training: Wellness Connection, Hout Bay, South Africa
What yoga means to you: By befriending myself with my body, mind and soul I’m becoming better at being a friend to other people and things (and to recognize when they are not that to me).
Favorite asana (posture): Camatkarasana (Wild Thing)
Favorite quote: “If you weren’t you, then we’d all be a bit less we” – Piglet, Winnie the Pooh
Favorite Movie and why: “Moana” – who doesn’t love a good animation right? Island life, great music and having the courage to chase your dreams – it has everything I stand for. 



Teacher Training: Mahi Yoga in Goa, India
What yoga means to you: Yoga is my reminder that everything is exactly as it should be. It’s a practice that enables me to check in, observe, listen and be still. A practice that strengthens and stabilises my body, mind and heart! It has taught me the power of commitment, enabled growth and enriched connection with myself and others.
Favorite asana (posture): Headstands
Favorite quote: ” ‘How do you spell love?’ asked Piglet. ‘You don’t spell it, you feel it.’ Answered Pooh.”
Favorite Movie and why: Peter Pan – because of the adventure, magic and invitation to forever love the child that is within each of us. 



Teacher Training: 200hr Teacher Training, Denver, Colorado; Hot Yoga; Adaptive Yoga (for those with neuromuscular conditions)
What yoga means to you: Yoga, to me, is a journey inward – a safe and healthy shelter from the external world. Yoga has helped me find acceptance and forgiveness, guided me in finding spirituality and supported my physical and mental health.
Favorite asana (posture): Vrkshasana (Tree Pose)
Favorite quote:”Slow down, calm down, don’t worry, don’t hurry – trust the process” – Alexandra Stoddard
Favorite Movie and why:I fall asleep within the opening credits of movies, but some all time favourites are “Kids”, “Crash” and “True Romance.” 

Congratulations for reading to the end. I can tell you're a nosy bugger. Feel free to ask me more, I'm an open book with a well worn spine (luckily there's yoga for that).

See you on your mat

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