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This, probably the most popular of styles, is a vinyasa based practice that is designed to build up a sweat and challenge the body and mind. Through rigorous flows, challenging postures and pranayama (breathwork), we burn away all the troubles and blockages in the body and mind. Great for building strength and enjoying some feel good endorphins. I always try to give variations and modifications to choose from so it is open to all levels.

A slower flow than we're used to in Vinyasa, but don't let this fool you. While it is a good place to start if you're new to yoga, just like a steady river that looks quiet, there can be immense power in this practice. Think "work in " instead of "work out". Great for improving flexibility and calming an anxious, restless mind

From time to time I run some workshops and special events like outdoor yoga. These are often weather dependent, so I don't plan them too far in advance. If you'd like to be notified about these events you can sign up to my mailing list here or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. 

Private sessions are a great way to fine tune your practice. I tailor these classes specifically to your needs. Whether you're new to yoga and want to find your feet before you dive into the pace of a group class or whether you're someone that prefers the personal attention to work towards a specific goal, all are welcome. I can come straight to your house, meet on Zoom or make arrangements for another venue. These can be clothed or in the nude. 

Additionally, we offer Men's Nude Yoga



You know how you're putting yoga off at first, until you're finally ready? Well once you're there you're surrounded by other people that are also ready and have well-being and kindness as a practice and value. That is priceless


The list is long! Here are some of the highlights: your metabolism increases, your digestion, libido and sleep improves and it boosts your immune system. 


The practice increases muscle strength and tone, while increasing flexibility instead of losing it like with most other forms of exercise.

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The right gear can really take you to the next level in your practice. The use of props doesn’t make you less of a yogi, but a smart yogi. With this in mind I have partnered with Earth Warrior to provide all my students with gear they need. They have a variety of products to choose from, but a good place to start is their Cork Mat, Cork Yoga Blocks (2 is a good idea) and Yoga strap. For a 10% discount on your order use the discount code: theyogisam

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Spock is in the house. We wanted to let you know that there is a dog in the studio. Don’t worry though, he’s a sweetheart. 


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The styles of these classes vary and will always be obvious from the title on the schedule. These classes are participation only classes for men. The same handful of questions always come up when people approach these classes at first, so let me address them here. 

These classes are definitely not a sexual practice and the procedures during class are exactly the same as it would be in any other class. 

What if you get an erection? Then that’s beautiful and great. While this is a safe space with no sexual connotation, our sexuality is an integral part of our wellbeing and it will never be shamed in my classes. As long as you don’t “act on it” and make anyone uncomfortable, you’ll be fine. I will mention though that, despite your expectations, it’s very rare for an erection to happen. We’re all too busy sweating our asses off and doing yoga. 

Yes you will see others in compromising positions and if you’re reaction to that is disgust we still have some work to do in seeing the wonder in every part of YOUR body. Which is fine and to be expected in our society, but the practice can help you to see yourself and others with more love. 

Why nude yoga? Well, I’m not in the business of convincing anyone to do anything so if you’re still asking that question it might not be for you. However there are many personal, spiritual and biological benefits. Clothing can restrict movement and blood circulation in some postures and has the tendency to become an egoic shield to protect us from judgement (mostly from ourselves). It improves your self-image and encourages positive body image which psychologically is a powerful immune booster. Being vulnerable with other vulnerable people can be incredibly empowering and lead to deep meaningful connections. It teaches you not only to appreciate all body types, ages and colours, but to appreciate the magic of your own beautiful naked body. 

Lastly there is absolutely no shaming allowed in these classes (or any classes for that matter). Not of others and not of yourself either. We try to keep this space safe and sacred and such elements will be addressed and removed when necessary.